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Make the most of your flooring by remembering routine maintenance

Proper maintenance will extend the life of your flooring

Reduce maintenance costs, and make your space more attractive. Follow these simple tips for better flooring, and remember to turn to the experts for superior materials and great installation.

Stop problems before they happen

  • Clean floors at least once every 1-2 weeks

  • Remove wet spills right away with a soft cotton cloth

  • Don't use wax, oil, soap, vinegar, or other household cleaners - these will dull your floor's finish!

  • Use professional floor cleaning products like Bona instead. Stop by our showroom to pick up a bottle!

  • Add mats and rugs on high-traffic areas

  • Avoid rubber-backed and non-ventilated rugs

  • Use felt protectors on furniture feet, and don't slide furniture

  • Avoid walking on hardwood in high heels or cleats

  • Trim your pet's claws

  • Use a humidifier in winter

  • Recoat your floors every 3-5 years

  • Refinish your floors when they show high wear patterns

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Keep your floors clean and beautiful

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Care for a newly finished floor

  • Wait 4-6 hours before walking on the floor in stocking feet. Wait 24 hours to use shoes.

  • It is recommended that furniture should not be moved back onto newly finished floors for 12-14 days.

  • Wait 48 hours before allowing pets back on the floor

  • Wait 2 weeks before putting rugs back

  • Wait 1 week before cleaning the floor

Please keep in mind that wood is a product of nature and therefore will naturally expand and contract due to the change in climate conditions. During humid months, use air conditioning and/or a dehumidifier to keep from picking up too much moisture. Use of a humidifier during the winter months to keep wood shrinkage to a minimum is also recommended; however some movement is almost unavoidable.